agency: Socially Budapest
art director: Eszter Csontos
illustrator: Attila Stark
photographer: Márk Viszlay

Badhanna is a project that is close to our heart. We not only came up with a name and a place, but created an imaginary muse, an adventurous spirit who wanders through Asia and explores every detail of it. Exotic scents, unknown signs painted on the walls, and stunning sceneries amaze her day by day. Her journey takes her to dark alleys, crowded streets illuminated by flashing neon signs and villages far away from the buzz of the city. The tastes that she meets captivate her as a lover of asian gastronomy for a lifetime.Our concept lies on the mission to create a space where anyone who steps in it can leave their reality behind and see Badhanna’s world, where the cuisine and the atmosphere creates a hedonist experience conquering all senses. 
We tried to preserve as much as we could from the original space while creating the eclectic and exciting lifestyle that we have experienced in the Far East. We had absolutely free hands while designing the space that was originally built in 1886 and already reimagined to be a good base by the previous architect. We put a great effort on the small details: the bar, the lamps and shelves were all produced after our own design. We recalled our own experience from Hongkong to create an atmosphere resembling a travel diary with the graphics of Attila Stark. Spaces flooded by neon lights, posters carelessly packed on each other, exotic plants appearing here and there create the atmosphere of a never-ending journey to Asia.

agency: Socially Budapest
Art director & graphic designer: Eszter Csontos
Photography: Eszter Sára Cseh
Madame Pho

It all started with a wall graphic. But creating full brand identity and thinking in a concept is our passion so at the end we designed the whole interior.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to work without restrictions so we could fly as freely through our vietnamese memories as the styles, colours and vibes live together in Vietnam. That’s how we evoked the corrugated sheet external from the houses of the Mekong Delta, the expensive wooden inlays of the french-colonial style, together with the golden era of vietnamese propaganda posters. The typical neon daze of the asian cities also give the interior an extra layer thanks to the mysterious reflections of the neon wall signs.

We chose a more clean and simple design for the branding itself: the colour red was the cornerstone for it, which is the key colour of the vietnamese revolutionary spirit. And thanks to the structure of the logo we could enjoy one of our most beloved tasks: playing with typography – so the characteristic glass walls were inspired by the Madame Pho sign as well.

agency: Socially Budapest
art director: Eszter Csontos
photography: Sára Raboczky, 
Bálint Kiss,
Design Week ‘21 

In 2021, we participated in Budapest Design Week for the first time. Our main focus was to create an exciting atmosphere that is more than mere interior design. In order to illustrate our concept, we invited guests for a new dining experience. We transformed our office into two different restaurants, each having their own atmosphere, but with the same menu. At the end of the event, our participants had to guess the price of the meal and the results were beyond our expectations. The guests of the elegant restaurant would pay double the price than those who enjoyed their dinner in a trendy street food setting.

agency: Socially Budapest
art director: Eszter Csontos
photography: Kata balogh
Da Rose Vienna

Our main objective was to create a complex image that is also reflected in the interior-design, referring
to the exciting eclectic cuisine of the restaurant whilst also illustrating the Alabama siblings the restaurant was named after.

The idea of the indoor areas was born in harmony with the progressive mentality of the place.
The concrete-like walls go perfectly with both the enlarged portraits, the gastronomic elements and its associated brushstrokes, spatters and paint spots reflecting the textures of the meals that are also
shown on the separating pages of the menus.

The iconic ring-shaped lamps are also featured on the covers of the die cut menus.

agency: Socially Budapest
graphic design & art direction: Eszter Csontos
photography: Márton Kecskés

One wine one story

Our main goal was to create a genuine campaign for Bortársaság, owing to this, we did not have strict restrictions at the photoshoot. We wanted people to be presented in their own reality, as they naturally are, the relationship they have with the chosen wine and the emotions it brings out in them. We are thankful for Bortársaság for having faith in us and for giving us creative freedom during the work. In the creation of this project, the role of the photographer, Márton Kecskés is also significant. We completed his photos with handwriting style typeface design, all set in accordance with each story. The best feedback we have got that the sharing of the posts were completely organic, each participant is just as proud of them as we are.

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