Patina & Gulyás Zsuzsi food and interior stylistDORÉ cider


Patina & Gulyás Zsuzsi food and interior stylist

In 2021, Zsuzsi Gulyás opened the peach-coloured doors of Patina, which became not only a showroom, a warehouse and Zsuzsa’s workplace, but also a place for special photo shoots and gatherings. When creating the image, it was important for me to create a logo that represents the stylish objects of the place, which with its bright colours looks as good on the giant window of Katona József Street as it does on the embossed side of the business card.

I wanted Zsuzsa’s logo to reflect her unique vision, which effortlessly encapsulates her wide range of activities, from food styling to interior design to the most unusual filming props.

  • Press: Inkredible Letterpress
  • Photography: Nikolett Fazekas